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The Value of Peace of Mind

In my adult life, the only person whoever made me cry was a roofer. My husband and I have plenty of experience with roofs. We lived in southwest Miami-Dade County, Florida for more than 30 years and suffered significant structure and roof damage from hurricane Andrew (1992). By the time hurricanes Ivan (2004) and Katrina (2005) blew in, our 1992 post-Andrew roof needed replacing. By 2005, an aerial view of Miami showed a sea of blue tarps used to mitigate damage to dwellings while insurance, roofers and roofing materials were being lined up.

We did our “due-diligence” and checked out each roofer for licenses, insurance, and Better Business Bureau ratings. We selected a roofer who “stood behind his work” and had great references. We were unaware that he was picking up so much work in South Florida the he was subcontracting out most of his work. We had no idea that this was happening.

The subcontractor, who was not licensed or supervised, apparently knew little about re-roofing a house and we were the ones suffering the consequences. In an attempt to insert flashing between the 2nd floor wall and the garage roof, he cut along the wall at the roof line. I am sure he just thought he could pull the stucco away from the wall and slide the flashing inside. The reality was quite different and resulted in cracked stucco and a gash several feet long in the wall. This man left the job site without letting us know what had happened. Then it rained as it does most afternoon and evenings in south Florida.

We didn’t learn what had happened until I requested a roof inspection by the county roof inspectors. The inspector nearly fell through the roof at one point as he walked across the new shingles, where rotten wood beneath had never been replaced. The roof failed inspection and we faced many thousands of dollars in repairs to the structure. We had to hire another contractor to tear off our “new” roof and replace all of the rotten wood, remove mold inside the walls and re-stucco the second floor wall.

It was at this point that the roofer who had assured us that he “stood behind his work” became the one who said it was not his problem. He actually tried to blame my husband and myself as though we forced him, against his will, to destroy our home. After years of back and forth in the courts, the board of professional regulation ruled that he had done nothing wrong. He then filed for bankruptcy and our chance of recovering any of our money used to return our home to sellable simply evaporated.

We left the liquid sunshine and blistering heat of Miami 3 years ago to retire here in Chesapeake, VA. We purchased our home just 18 months ago and had the standard inspection done before closing. Our home inspector wrote in his report concerning our roof that “…may need replacement within the [next] ten years.” We learned that the more précised definition of “within 10 years” was 18 months.

I went about getting estimates as I had in the past when I learned that in Chesapeake the contractor does not pull a permit to re-roof a home and there are no inspections. Homeowners must basically conduct their own oversight. I am in my 60’s and not able to walk a roof, even if I knew what I was looking for.

My third estimate brought Charles “Chuck” Clark of Clark Roofing and Siding, Inc. to our home. He started by telling me that while he would not be the cheapest: it was unlikely he would be the most expensive. That was when he told me what made his company and workmanship different from others I met.

Clark is participant in CertainTeed’s credential programs and is a CertainTeed 5 star Contractor. That means that CertainTeed stands behind HIS work and this transferable workmanship coverage is good for 24 years rather than the five years offered by most contractors.

Just as he said, he was not the most expensive nor the cheapest. But how do you put a price on peace of mind? He demonstrated his professionalism by going through a tough certification program. I now have a roof that safeguards my home. I am not concerned that he might go out of business tomorrow or move to another state. The company that supplies my shingles is the one that warranties his work. They would not do that if they did not trust his workmanship in the first place and I think they know more than I when it comes to roofs.

Linda Hart
Chesapeake, VA 757-410-1183

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'Peace of Mind' Article
'Peace of Mind' Article
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