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Vinyl Siding Repairs Chesapeake

We are a Certainteed 5 Star Contractor, which requires intensive testing in both Vinyl siding and Restoration Millwork.

Total siding repair solutions and expert siding repair Chesapeake VA. Expert siding repair, siding replacement, storm damage siding repair, and new siding installations. Siding damage includes: Cracked Siding, Caulk Deterioration, Mildew Siding Damage, Termite or Dry Rot siding damage, Peeling Paint on siding, Wood pecker siding damage, Woodrot damaged siding, Hail Damage and much more. With proper siding installation and maintenance your repairs should last for decades.

CLARK is a Roofing Contractor and covers all aspects of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional roofing and insulation, including waterproofing. Chesapeake and Hampton Roads Number One Source For Roofing for your home or business.

Clark Roofing & Siding, Inc is also a Vinyl Siding Institute Certified Installer. We install all types of siding, vinyl siding and soffit, fiber cement siding, specialty sidings such as Certainteed Cedar Impressions, Beaded soffit, Straight Edge-Notched panel fiber cement siding, and cedar siding.

We use superior siding materials and products from CertainTeed.

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