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Why You Should Look Into Gutter Guard Installation in Chesapeake, VA

Every home needs gutters to protect the structure from rainwater damage. The gutters direct water away from the home before it harms the structure. 

If the gutters become clogged, you might find you have a basement leak or water stains on the home’s foundation. Mold may grow thanks to the excess moisture, and you might find there is other water damage. 

To prevent clogged gutters, look into gutter guard installation in Chesapeake, VA. The gutter guards keep leaves and debris from making their way into the gutter system and causing problems. 

Call us today at (757) 485-1000 if you believe a gutter guard system would be of benefit to your home. Our gutter guard installer will provide more information about the system and its benefits. We also offer gutter guard replacement for those in need of this work. 

Gutter Guard Types Available in Chesapeake, VA

The first thing you need to understand is the different gutter guard types offered today. Each style comes with benefits and drawbacks that a homeowner must understand. 

Gutter Screens remain popular today, and they have been in use for many years now. Of the options available today, milled and plastic screens are the most common. If the ease of gutter guard installation is a priority, this style is ideal. 

Leafproof gutter guards, such as LeafGuard, come as gutter covers. These solid covers or caps fit over the gutter system and most have a slot or trough along the edge. As water flows off the roof and over the gutter guard, surface tension sends the water into this trough or slot. 

Once the water reaches the trough or slot, it makes its way into the gutter. Leaves and debris do not. Professional gutter guard installation of the LeafGuard gutters covers is best, as this ensures the covers provide the desired protection. 

Individuals in need of a discount gutter guard option should look into foam gutter filters. Use these roof gutter guards only as a temporary solution, as they aren’t overly effective. The filters could actually clog the entire system. You then find you must repair or replace the entire system. 

When the filters become clogged, water can make its way into the home and cause significant damage. For this reason, our gutter guard installer doesn’t recommend using this material to protect the home. 

Consider all three gutter guard types. With the help of our gutter guard installation team, you can determine which meets your needs and fits your budget. We typically recommend the leafproof gutter guard system because it reduces the number of gutter cleanings needed each year. 

Call us at (757) 485-1000 when you are ready to schedule your gutter guard installation in Chesapeake, VA. Our team will happily handle this installation for you. 

Benefits of Gutter Guard Installation in Chesapeake, VA

You may wish to invest in gutter guards to protect your home from water damage. The guards do more than this. They prevent pests from making a home in the gutter system. You’ll spend less time and money cleaning the gutters. 

There will be less of a need to climb on a ladder to clear the gutters. Although this task must occasionally be done, you won’t need to clean the gutters as often. Your personal safety will benefit when you choose to invest in the guards for the home. You also won’t be paying someone to do this task, which means more money in your pocket. 

Ice dams become less of a concern when you have these guards installed, as the gutters won’t freeze. The gutters also won’t rust or corrode as easily. This is of concern when wet leaves and debris remain sitting in the gutter system. 

You won’t be required to replace the system or make costly repairs as often. Our gutter installation team can help you choose the guards that will provide these benefits for your home. 

Gutter Guard Installation Cost

You may wonder about the gutter guard installation cost. This varies by the size of the home, the gutter guard type selected, and more. We work to keep the gutter guard installation cost reasonable, as we know these roof gutter guards do an excellent job of protecting the home. We want to ensure every person can have guards on their residences. 

Why Choose Clark Roofing & Siding, Inc. for Your Gutter Guard Installation in Chesapeake, VA?

Our family-owned and operated company remains dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service. If it isn’t good enough for us, it isn’t good enough for you. We personalize our solutions to meet your needs. 

We only offer top quality products that will maximize the value of your investment, and our attention to detail ensures your installation goes smoothly from start to finish. The roof gutter guards installed by our team are LeafGuard products, so you know they will do the job. 

Clark Roofing & Siding, Inc. offers professional gutter guard installation at affordable prices. Contact us today at (757) 485-1000 to set up an appointment for our gutter guard team to visit your home and provide an estimate for gutter guard replacement or installation. 

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